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Are you moving to a new house, and need storage for a month or two for all your household goods. Are you relocating to a new city due to work, or just simply downscaling, and don’t want to get rid of your precious items? Here at Omega storage in Kempton Park, we have a variety of storage unit size’s to tend to your needs, and we do not have binding contracts, we work on a monthly basis. So you can stay as long as you want, or even just for one month.

Business Storage
By using your office space for storing excesive/unused stock, or equipment, you are driving up your bussines overheads.Omega storage, Kempton Park storage can offer you a variaty of storage size’s, where you can store all your excusive goods, equipment, safe and secure with flexable time’s if arranged. Our storage units are easy accessible to our tenants.
Our Storage Units
We have more for less.
3m x 6m

Our 3m x 6m units inside dimensions are 3m x 6m where usualy 3m x 6m are the outside dimensions of other storage facilities 3m x 6m units


3m x 8m

Our 3m x 8m units are built with caravan doors, and has massive volume. The back wall is just over 4m high (for caravans & boats or just a Bigger Storage Unit)


3M X 8M = 83.75M³

3m x 8m Unit with upper floor 3m x 3.6m. This unit with loft floor is perfect for someone who needs to park a car, trailer, boat or caravan & still needs space for more items.



At Omega Storage Kempton Park Johannesburg, we offer very competitive self storage prices. Our self storage units are also safe and secure. We are one of the few facilities in Kempton Park that has units big enough to store a Caravan or Boat in a lock up garage with an alarm installed. This means that when you store a boat or caravan with us, your vehicle does not have to be parked in the sun or under a net or carport. These are big ticket items that cost a fortune. take the time and care, and store these items properly, to avoid unnecessary wear and tear
Our location in Kempton park, makes storage with Omega truly a central location to all major locations.

We are aware of all the threats that affect the self storage market. That is why all of our modern self storage units contain their own alarm system. These individual alarm systems are activated by your own personal remote. The alarm system is also connected to our Local armed response (CMS). Who will automatically be alerted should there be any incident. Don’t hesitate to send us an email or give us a call for a Kempton Park self storage space!

Affordable Storage
Storage units in Kempton Park that are safe & Secure, and we are very competitive with our Prices.
Individual Alarm Systems
All Units Consist of its own alarm system which is activated by your personal remote which only works on your unit.
The Alarm system is also connected to Armed Response
CCTV Survailance
CCTV Camara's that monitor the storage facility 24/7
Electric Fence
Our perimiter is surrounded by alarm activated Electric fencing that stands at 2.4m high.
Our Storage units are quality built with (face brick walls, cromodec roofing, cromodec doors.) We have firewalls separating storage units of one another. Our roads separating our storage rows are 8 meters wide, so you have more than enough space to move around. All our storage units are isolated properly.
Coming soon
mobile Storage Units
(L)2.4m x (W)1.5m x (H)2.2m = 7.9M³
How it works
Arrange Storage

Arrange storage: You give us call, arrange how many storage box/units you need/want, we then deliver a storage box/unit to your doorstep, at your house or business
Load Unit

Load Portable Storage Unit:
We then load all your goods for you, free of charge, all you have to do is, make sure that all you goods are ready to load as soon as we get there
Store IT

Store It: After we are done loading your goods, we then transport the storage unit back to our storage facility in Kempton Park, and store it in one of our storage units, which is safe and secure, with an alarm and also connected to armed response.
Re Delivery

Pick up a phone, give us a call, and we will then re deliver your storage unit to your house or business, help you unload, whether you want to unload your whole storage unit, or you just want to take something out, its up to you.
We do Portable storage or Mobile storage for your Convenience, so that you don’t have to go through the trouble of arranging removals services or renting a trailer to move your goods to your storage unit, now you don’t have to work with different companies to achieve one goal. We do it all in one. Contact us today to book your Portable Storage unit.

You are always welcome to come visit our storage Facility if you want to come and remove something from your storage unit or want to store something extra. All you need to do is give us one days notice, so that we can retrieve your storage unit and have it ready as soon as you arrive.
Our storage facilities access times are from 7am – 6pm Mondays to Fridays, and 7am – 5pm on weekends.
Storage Facility in Kempton Park
Storage Facility in Kempton Park
Storage Facility in Kempton Park
Self storage units in Kempton Park
Self storage units in Kempton Park
File and business storage; KW- File and business storage.
File and business storage; File and business storage.
storage unit with loft floor Kempton Park
storage unit with loft floor Kempton Park
Storage services
Storage services Kempton Park
Developing storage units
Developing storage units
Garden tool storage Kempton Park
Garden tool storage Kempton park
Storage units with caravan doors
Storage units with caravan doors
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